Hard but good!
Very good result for xtremeplus Polaris factory team.

The first 3 positions on fia T3 are trust by xtremeplus driver
1 – Peña Jose Luis / Rafael Tornabell
2 – Gonzalez Vincent / Duple Stephane
3 – Garrouste Patrice / Minaudier Loic

But what is fabulous is that in the général all car we can find in the first 10 three xtremeplus Polaris.

7 – Peña
9- Gonzalez
10 Garrouste

A race to forget for thé world champion t3 Claude Fournier that had to major technical problems on stage 3 and 4

But he was gable to finish the race in 6 position
He will grant good point to stay actually leader on t3 World Cup
339 rookies they had good experience they enjoyed even if it was hard.