Champion du Monde de Rallye Raid

Xtreme Plus team greets Fournier Claude Pilote and Herve Lavergne who have won the FIA World Rally Raid – T3

And for the 5th time, Xtreme Plus is world champion FIA Rally Raid



Portalegre 2017_001 Portalegre 2017_004


Vicent Vincent Gonzalez and Benjamin Benjo El Blanco Rosso finish second and third respectively.
Benjamin and Loic Minaudier on Sunday won the last special stage of the category.
Congratulations to the team Blanco&Rosso!Podio Vicent

Podium of the Silk Way for our pilots!

After 15 days of running, to travel more than 10.000 km of racing that was varied and demanding for both man and machine, the Team of Xtreme Plus arrived at Xi an!
The drivers won the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in the category.
Mao Rujin and Rafa Tornabel – 2nd place in the category T3 and 17th of the general classification
WANG Fujiang and Li Wei 3rd in the category and 20th overall
Cinotto Pietro and Fulvio Zini 4th place in the category and 22 in the general category. (Clarifying that since Pietro assumed the position of his father won all the special tests, but unfortunately for the time lost in Russia did not let him reach the podium)
Congratulations to all these brave pilots!

Podio de la Silk Way para nuestros pilotos!
Despues de 15 dias de carrera, de recorrer mas de 10.000 exigentes kilomentros de carrera, el Team de Xtreme Plus llego a Xi an!
Los pilotos ganaron el 2do, 3ro y 4to puesto de la categoria.
Mao Rujin y Rafa Tornabel – 2do puesto en la categoria T3 y 17vo de la clasificacion general
WANG Fujiang y Li Wei 3ro en la categoria y 20vo en la general
Cinotto Pietro y Fulvio Zini 4to puesto en la categoria y 22 en la general. (Aclarando que desde que Pietro asumio el puesto de su papá gano todas las pruebas especiales, pero lamentablemente por el tiempo perdido en Rusia no le dejo alcanzar el podio)
Felicitaciones a todos estos valientes pilotos!

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The rest day in Urumqi.

The Xtreme Plus team spends the rest day in Urumqi.
After the first 8 stages contested, it has completed the first week of the 2017 Silk Way.

It’s a shame that Pietro started the race on the 4th day because he did not have the visa in Russia, he could not start before. But it is noteworthy that since the start of the race wins all special stages in the T3 category.

Mao and Fujiang, arrived exhausted the day of rest in their country. Mao after overturning the razor two stages ago, yesterday invests a tree, breaking the direction.

Today our mechanics have worked hard and repaired the car to Mao continue with the second week of the race.

We think that from tomorrow our luck will change since they start the stages in the sand, which allows the pilots to take full advantage of the performance of the cars.


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Start Ceremony in Red Square – Rusia

Yesterday, was started the 7th edition of the Silk Way Rally.
The first stage of the rally will take the competitors towards Tcheboksary.
They will have a leg distance the 726,95 km and special prove the 61 kilometers to reach the first bivouac of this Silk Way Rally 2017.20170707_17122620170707_163423_001 20170707_191049(0) 20170707_191220 20170707_191353

Silk Way 2017

Silk Way Rally 2017

Our team and the drivers are already in Moscow!
Today, technical and administrative checks in the Loujniki Olympic Stadium.
It’s all ready to start the race!
The race will start on July 8 from Moscow to Tcheboksary, after the solemn start ceremony on Red Square the participants will take off towards scenic twisting roads, rush through boundless Russian fields, where only the best navigators will be able to found the right direction in high grass.


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Our fantastic couple finish this race 12th in general position and first in T3 class!

What a pity for this bad stage n. 2 where they lost many time for a tire problem and so they cross the finish line out of time. Anyway this rally is in a wonderful landscape and is a real good race with a podium on the Caspian Sea Shore with a Perfect organization Rally Kazakhstan.

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Kazakhstan 2017 – Prologe

Après 8500 km pour aller d’Erfoud à Aktau xtremeplus , est prêt à attaquer cette étape difficile de la coupe du monde

plus de 2000 km de spéciale avec beaucoup de sable

2 équipages ont fait hier la cérémonie du podium sur la rive de la mer Caspienne

public nombreus malgré la course a seulement 24 concurrents

l’événement est vraiment suivi ici au Kazakhstan, aussi pour ça il y a 3 équipe officiels comme mini Xraid , Toyota Overdrive et Mobilex

ce matin Super Claude et Loïc étaient prêts et heureux de démarrer , après leur expérience positive au Qatar

Patrice Garrouste et JM Polato seront ensemble après en 2015 ils ont fait partie des gagnants potentiels de la coupe du monde T3

Tout prêt ; let’s go, prêt pour la course!18641863_812966965536816_401445759_o 18596809_812966945536818_242779990_o 18575902_812966882203491_1191181553_o 18596992_812966745536838_2062658948_o 18575938_812964872203692_1606799696_o 18575775_812964945537018_1042804521_o 18618104_812966145536898_1226579374_o 002A0497 DSCF2018 DSCF1972 DSCF1959 DSCF1950 DSCF1919

Closure of the Merzouga Rally.

Merzouga 2017_953 IMG_6744 IMG_6736 IMG_6727 IMG_6726 Merzouga 2017_975 Merzouga 2017_966 _BAR0029 Merzouga 2017_959 Merzouga 2017_963 Merzouga 2017_960 Merzouga 2017_961 Merzouga 2017_951
Congratulations to our pilots!
That in spite of the difficulties that presented the rally, all came to the goal, achieving Ronald Basso and Julien Menard reach the third position in the general.
Lilian Viale and Patrice Roissac managed to stay inside the top ten of the general classification with the number 8 and in a 3° position in the general category of the Dakar Challenge

Julien Juliettevandory / Pascacal Amand and Vicent Gonzalez / Benjaming González, achieved its main objective, which was to reach the goal! For the two crews was his first experience of the rally raid and the Merzouga Rally, was not easy for them to start-ups, but put it all on your part and managed to cross the finish line.

The Gonzalez were honored with the award for Fair Play, for his camaraderie with the other teams within the slopes!

Congratulations to all! Bravo! And until the next adventure!

Cierre del Merzouga Rally.

 Felicitaciones a nuestros pilotos!

Que a pesar de las dificultades que presentó el rally, todos llegaron a la meta, logrando Ronald Basso y Julien Menard alcanzar la tercera posición en la general.
Lilian Viale y Patrice Roissac lograron mantenerse dentro del top ten de la clasificación general con el puesto número 8 y en un 3° puesto en la categoría general del Dakar Challenge

Julien Sussana / Pascacal Amand y Vicent Gonzalez / Benjaming Gonzalez, lograron cumplir su objetivo principal, que era llegar a la meta! Para las dos tripulaciones era su primera experiencia en el Rallye Raid y el El Merzouga Rally, no estuvo fácil para ellos que recien comienzan, pero pusieron todo de su parte y lograron cruzar la meta final.

Los Gonzalez estuvieron distinguidos con el premio al Fair Play, por su camaradería con los otros equipos dentro de las pistas!

Felicitaciones a todos! Bravo! y hasta la próxima aventura!

Merzouga 2017_953 IMG_6744 IMG_6736 IMG_6727 IMG_6726 Merzouga 2017_975 Merzouga 2017_966 _BAR0029 Merzouga 2017_959 Merzouga 2017_963 Merzouga 2017_960 Merzouga 2017_961 Merzouga 2017_951