Press Release 10_2018

“An incredible dream”: Peña Campo & Tornabell Cordoba at the Baja Portalegre to win the T3 title of the 2018 FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup.

Portalegre – Portugal (October 25th) – After the technical checks and the shakedown on the tracks around the Portuguese town of the Alto Alentejo, the Baja Portalegre, last stage of the 2018 FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup, officially kicked off its 32nd edition organized by  the Automóvel Club de Portugal with the starting podium hosted at the Jardim do Tarro.

In the historical center of Portalegre, the four Xtreme Plus crews were welcomed by the Portuguese public, starting from the Spanish José Luis Peña Campo and Rafael Tornabell Cordoba, on the Polaris RZR 1000 (#613), currently at the top of the T3 ranking with 4 points of advantage on the opponent Santiago Navarro: “At the beginning the idea was to participate in the World Cup to do some tests and have fun but after the first races we realized that it could be more than just fun – commented José Luis – After eight consecutive podiums, with three first places and five seconds, and after overcoming the difficulties on the endless dunes of Morocco, it has become an incredible dream. It will not be easy but we will believe in it until the end. Our goal is to win the title of T3 … “.

The Swiss Vincent Gonzalez, sailed by Frenchman Loic Minaudier, on Polaris #617 and the

British Graham Knight and David Watson (#621) keep the colors of the French team of Gorrevod high. Finally, to support Peña Campo/Tornabell Cordoba, Marco Piana, team manager and driver, with co-driver Sébastien Delaunay, driving another Polaris RZR 1000.

The Baja Portalegre will enter live tomorrow, October 26th, with the first special stages that will continue on Saturday 27th and then finish with a podium and an award ceremony.

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Press Release 9_2018

Peña Campo/Tornabell Cordoba will be at the race to defend the current leadership of T3. Between Xtreme+ crews: Gonzalez/Minaudier, Knight/Watson and Piana/Delaunay. Start on October 25th in the small town of Portalegre.

Gorrevod – France (October 23rd) – After the excellent results achieved at the Rallye du Maroc in early October, Xtreme+ will be engaged to face the Portuguese routes of the Baja Portalegre 500 where the Spanish José Luis Peña Campo will try to win the T3 World Cup at the wheel of his Polaris RZR 1000.

Organized by José Megre (the first edition dates back to 1987), this cross country rally race will see four crews of Xtreme Plus Team at the start of the 32nd edition.

With the number #613, the Spanish Peña Campo and Tornabell Cordoba, currently leaders of the T3 ranking with 4 points ahead of Santiago Navarro: excellent protagonists of the 2018 motorsport season with first and second placements in all the races, driver and co-driver will do the impossible to maintain the leadership of the T3 Championship. The challenge with the compatriot Navarro, on Yamaha, promises to be exciting ever since the first kilometers of the baja.

Arriving from the third place in T3 overall ranking at the Rallye du Maroc, Vincent Gonzalez will be present at the start of the Portuguese race, sailed on this occasion by the French Loic Minaudier; their Polaris #617 will also be a valid support for Peña Campo as already in the race held in Morocco. A the baja to gain more confidence with the Razor 1000 but also to

“have fun” on the charming tracks around the town of Portalegre, in the Alto Alentejo, the British Graham Knight and David Watson (#621) that in Morocco have crossed the line of their first real motorsport competition.

The team manager Marco Piana, with the co-driver Sébastien Delaunay, will complete the Xtreme+ lineup presenting himself at the start of the Baja Portalegre 500 with a Polaris RZR 1000 and the race number #649. Objective: to support the Spanish José Luis.

The race in Portugal will be the most exciting challenge of the season considering that between the first and the second classified of the provisional general of T3 (Peña Campo and Santiago Navarro) there are only 4 points – comments Piana – Our crew will make its best to conquer the important title and the other Xtreme+ crews will give their precious help. On the tracks of Portugal, the tires will surely make the difference: the CST covers that equip our vehicles have always shown to be strong and reliability, making the Polaris riding more comfortable and performing “.

Program Baja Portalegre 500:

October 25th: Technical and administrative checks – Departure ceremony (Jardim do Tarro/ Portalegre)

October 26th: special stages

October 27th: special stages – Podium and award ceremony

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Comunicado de Prensa 8_2018

El español Peña Campo gana la 2ª posición absoluta en la categoría T3 del Rallye du Maroc y mantiene el liderazgo en la Copa del Mundo. González y Knight finalizan tercero y cuarto (siempre en T3), mientras que el mexicano Garza Rios se ubica en el puesto 11 entre los SSV. Próxima carrera: la Baja Portalegre, en Portugal, del 25 al 27 de octubre.

Fès, Morocco (October 9th) – Xtreme+ concludes the Rallye du Maroc with a second, third and fourth place in T3: after 5 stages, including 3 boucles at Erfoud, and 2.051 km between liaison and special stages, the Spanish Peña Campos wins the silver medal in the category T3 maintaining the provisional command of the World Cup. But the excellent result achieved by Marco Piana’s team also saw the other two crews registered in T3 on the podium (Gonzalez) and in the top five (Knight).

Once again to win the best time in T3 for the French team of Gorrevod was José Luis Peña Campos, on Polaris RZR 1000: the Spanish rider, sailed by Rafael Tornabell Cordoba, crossed the finish line of the fifth and final stage of the Rallye du Maroc in 3h33’12”, a time that allowed him to conquer the 12th place in the overall and the 2nd step of the T3 category. “Unfortunately the last stage of the rally was not very lucky for the Spanish crew because of a physical discomfort that created some problems to Rafael again – explains the team manager Marco Piana – A wrong note made them end up by a oued overturning their Polaris: to help them put the vehicle back on its wheels was Santiago Navarro (winner of the race in T3) to which go all our thanks because he showed great sportiness losing valuable time for his result and knowing that behind Peña Campos the teammate Vincent Gonzalez would have stopped to provide assistance to him”.

Twentieth in the stage from Erfoud to Fès, after 128 km of sand and fast tracks and a last sector of 70 km in the direction of the Atlas massif, Vincent Gonzalez and Stephane Duple (Polaris #362) concluded their participation in this edition of the rally organized by David Castera with a time of 3h33’55” winning the third absolute placement in T3 just behind Peña Campos.

Graham Knight and David Watson, on Polaris RZR 1000 #363, were classified fourth, again of T3: despite some difficulties in navigation, the British driver and co-driver were the protagonists of a good race proving to have grit and determination by cutting the final goal of their first real motorsport competition.

The Toyota KDJ120 of Marco Piana and Steven Griener, in the race to provide fast assistance to the other crews of the team, stopped the clock of the 5^ special in 3h49’38” placing finally 18° in the overall of the rally.

Among the SSV ranks, Santiago Creel Garza Rios, sailed by the Polish Szymon

Gospodarczyk, on the Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo, won the fifth place finish in 3h16’06”: the adventure of the #202 crewman of Xtreme+ ended with an eleventh absolute placement. Despite some initial problems due to driving a bit ‘wild, already in the last special Garza Rios managed to contain his impulsiveness showing that he can make good results.

Returning from Morocco, the mechanics of Xtreme+ will be at work in the French ateliers near Mâcon for maintenance work at Polaris in view of the next engagement that will see the crews at the start of the Baja Portalegre, scheduled from October 25th to 27th in Portugal.

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Press Release 6_2018

World Cup leader T3 Peña Campos won the best time for Xtreme+ in this third stage of the Rallye du Maroc with a few minutes ahead of teammate Gonzalez. Tenth place for Garza Rios in the reserved “marathon” for the SSV.

Erfoud, Morocco (October 7th) – Dunes and sand as far as the eye can see for this third day of the Rallye du Maroc that saw the crews at the start engaged in a selective sector of 329 km for cars and 281 for crews in the SSV/motorbike/quad category. Today’s special has been characterized by a mélange of fast tracks with crossings of sandy stretches and a lot of navigation.

Current leader of T3 World Cup José Luis Peña Campos, sailed by Rafael Tornabell Cordoba, made the best time in this difficult stage Erfoud/Erfoud: the Spanish driver has faced the special ending in 5h08’23” with a few minutes advantage over teammate Vincent Gonzalez (both on Polaris RZR 1000) that, thanks to the result obtained, is currently sixteenth in the absolute provisional with a total time of 13h56’57”. Peña Campos is 17th with a gap of just over half an hour from the French driver of the Polaris #362.

Some mechanical problems, unfortunately, for the British Graham Knight and David Watson late at the finish line of this third day of the Rallye du Maroc: their Polaris RZR 1000 #363 reached the bivouac only in the evening. At the finish in 6h45’13” the Toyota KDJ120 of Marco Piana and Steven Griener, in the 22nd place of the provisional general: the #365 crew led by the team manager of Xtreme+ is in the race as fast assistance for the other crews of the French racing team.

Good manche for Santiago Creel Garza Rios, paired with the co-driver Szymon Gospodarczyk, among the ranks of the SSV category with the colors of Xtreme+: the Mexican-Polish crew, protagonist of today’s marathon stage (reserved for SSV/moto/quad) has cut the finish in 7h16’32” conquering the tenth position. The provisional overall ranking now sees him at the 12th place with a total time of 24h14’27 “.

Fourth stage with return in the direction of Erfoud for Monday October 8th: the penultimate round of this edition of the rally still provides much navigation, sand and dune crossings in various sections of the selective sector of 342 km (294 for the SSV) to which are added 23 km of liaison for cars and 7 for SSV.

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Press Release 5_2018

Good result for the T3 crews with Gonzalez still author of the best time for Xtreme+. A long in the first 5 positions among the SSV, the Mexican Garza Rios was the protagonist of a rollover that delayed him to the finish line.

Erfoud, Morocco (October 6th) – Traced as a boucle around Erfoud, the second stage of the Rallye du Maroc proposed to the competitors of this edition a mélange of fast and technical tracks with dune and oueds to cross, a difficult navigation and not visible tracks. The 281 kms designed for SSV/bike/quad – 329 for cars – have been characterized by many sports twists.

At the start between the SSV with Xtreme+ colors, the Mexican Santiago Creel Garza Rios with the Polish co-driver Szymon Gospodarczyk, was for most of the race in the first five placements of the category proceeding with a good performance. Unfortunately, just a few kms from the end, the #202 crew entered with great speed in an unmarked hole on the track, overturning the Polaris RZR. Managed to start again, Garza Rios and Gospodarczyk reached the finish line in 6h22’41”, ranking sixteenth of the stage. “It was a difficult day from the start because of the navigation – explained Santiago – and like other crews we lost a few minutes in finding the right track. Everything was fine until we overturned with the Polaris in an unmarked hole at high speed. Apart from this, the vehicle behaved very well”.

To realise the best time in T3.1 for Xtreme Plus Team were once again Vincent Gonzalez and Stephane Duple, on Polaris RZR 1000, at the finish in 5h11’23”: for the Swiss driver this second stage of the rally was “fun but challenging on the navigation level” even if the French co-driver did an excellent job allowing the #362 crew to manage in the best way the ranking position that now sees him 2nd of T3 in the provisional general.

Twentieth of the day the Spaniard José Luis Peña Campos who brought the Polaris #360 to the finish line in 5h31’06” regaining a good race rhythm thanks to the co-driver Rafael Tornabell Cordoba feeling better after yesterday’s physical discomfort.

The British Graham Knight and David Watson, engaged in Morocco to gain more experience on the African tracks with the Polaris RZR 1000, despite some difficulties in navigation have proceeded well: the second stage of the rally saw them at the finish in 6h22’23”, 23rd place in the daily ranking.

Marco Piana, team manager and pilot Xtreme+, sailed by Steven Griener, on Toyota KDJ120, finally reached the finish line of Erfoud in just under 6h50′ supporting in the best way the four crewmembers of the French racing team of Gorrevod.

The third stage scheduled for Sunday, October 7, includes a special marathon: the SSV will have to face 5 kms of liaison and 275 of special while for the cars the kms of SS will be 289 (+ 28 liaison). The SSV/motorcycle/ quad riders will spend the night in the desert in a marathon bivouac without any assistance.

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Communiqué de Presse 3_2018

Peña Campos (#360) gagne le best lap pour Xtreme+ en catégorie T3 tandis que le mexicain Santiago
Creel Garza Rios (#202) conquiert celui parmi les SSV.
Demain 5 octobre, première spéciale de Fès à Erfoud.

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Fès (Maroc) – Un prologue de 47 km, dont 10 de spéciale, a donné le départ officiel à cette nouvelle édition du Rallye du Maroc organisé par David Castera. Prés de la ville impériale de Fès a eu lieu le premier court circuit hors-route du rallye mettant à l’essai les équipages engagés avec des passages techniques et des sections glissantes.

Dans la catégorie T3.1, le meilleur temps pour l’équipe Xtreme Plus a été remporté par l’espagnol José Luis Peña Campos, piloté par Rafael Tornabell Cordoba: leur équipage a terminé la spéciale en 11 minutes et 3 secondes, plaçant le Polaris RZR 1000 #360 à la 21ème place du général. Avec sa position actuelle de leader dans la Coupe du monde (T3), Peña Campos a immédiatement précisé ses intentions en remportant la 3ème place provisoire de la catégorie. “C’était une SS très technique et exigeant même s’il ne s’agissait que de quelques kilomètres – a commenté Rafael Tornabell Cordoba – A certains endroits, le parcours était également très glissant: on aurait presque eu l’impression de skier mais … sans skis. Bizarre !”.

Excellent résultat également pour le suisse Vincent Gonzalez, avec le français Stephane Duple, à l’arrivée du prologue en 11 minutes et 38 secondes: le Polaris RZR1 1000 #362 a été classé 24e dans l’absolu provisoire. Un peu plus de 12 minutes (12’02”) pour Marco Piana, piloté par Steven Griener, sur la Toyota KDJ120, au Rallye du Maroc pour l’assistance rapide aux équipages Xtreme+.

Les britanniques Graham Knight et David Watson (#363), aux couleurs du team de Gorrevod (France), ont franchi la ligne d’arrivée en 12’23” se classant à la 29e place du général et à la cinquième de la catégorie.

Le meilleur temps absolu pour le Team Xtreme Plus a été remporté par le mexicain Santiago Creel Garza Rios, piloté par le polonais Szymon Gospodarczyk, sur le Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo: l’équipage #202 en catégorie SSV, a clôturé le prologue en 10 minutes et 47 secondes. “Nous sommes heureux d’avoir obtenu ce résultat: le prologue était vraiment très glissant et comportait de fréquents passages serrés – a expliqué le copilote Gospodarczyk – Nous avons essayé de conduire prudemment sans prendre de risque. Demain sera une journée difficile!”.

Vendredi 5 Octobre, première étape du Rallye du Maroc, partant de Fès et arrivant à Erfoud. Pour les SSV, il y aura 489 km (322 de liaison et 99 + 68 de SS), tandis que pour les voitures le kilométrage de la spéciale sera quelque chose de plus: 103 + 91 pour un total de 516 km, dont 322 de liaison.

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Press Release 2_2018

Among the XT+ crews in competition, the Spaniards Peña Campos and Tornabell Cordoba, current leaders of T3 in the World Cup. Team manager Marco Piana, with Steven Griener, on Toyota, will provide fast track assistance.


Fès (Morocco) – Day of administrative checks at the Rallye du Maroc 2018 which started today, October 3rd, in the imperial city of Fès, famous for the medina declared Unesco World Heritage Site.

After the tests in Merzouga on the Polaris RZR XP Turbo S (with Eric Abel and Christian Manez in view of the upcoming Dakar), Xtreme Plus Team reached Fès, the starting and finishing point of this edition of the rally-raid by David Castera.

At the starting line, with the XT+ colors and the #360 number, there will be José Luis Peña Campos, sailed by Rafael Tornabell Cordoba – Polaris RZR 1000 – well determined to defend the current leading position (208 points) in the T3 category of the 2018 FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rally. After winning the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, the Baja in Hungary and Poland and finishing second in Spain, Qatar, Kazakisthan and Italy, the Spanish driver driving the performing RZR prepared in the French workshops of Gorrevod will challenge the other crews to win the world title.

Always with the colors of XT+, the Swiss Vincent Gonzalez, paired with the French Stephane Duple, will be in the race with the #362 number as well as the British Graham Knight and David Watson (#363), strong for their victory at the Dubai International Baja: both will take to the track at the head of Polaris RZR 1000 in the T3.1 category. For Gonzalez, the Morocco Rally will also be perfect training in anticipation of an increasingly probable participation in the Dakar 2019.

For Xtreme Plus Team will be engaded also the crew of #202 composed by the Mexican Santiago Creel Garza Rios, sailed by the Polish Szymon Gospodarczyk, on the Polaris Turbo (at the start in the SSV category). Finally, Marco Piana, driver and team manager of XT+, will be on board the Toyota Land Cruiser KDJ120 (#365) with the English co-driver Steven Griener.

“We are happy to see a growing number of members among the SSV: it means that the work done by Xtreme Plus in the last 7 years has been positive – explains Marco Piana – and shows that these vehicles can be as fast as they are realible and perfect to participate in long and demanding rallies. We entered the race with the Mexican Garza Rios with a Polaris XT Plus Turbo: in America he races with Pro Trucks and he is very fast. And then in this penultimate stage of the world championship the competition stays on with Peña Campos who will defend his advantage in the ranking helped by Gonzalez and Knight to get the maximum score and consolidate the leadership in T3 “.

On the afternoon of October 4th, the Rallye du Maroc will begin with a prologue of 47 km (including 10 km of SS) near Fès and then continue with 5 stages, including 3 boucles in Erfoud, and end again in Fès on October 9th. For the SSV the kilometers to be faced will be 682 of liason and 1.225 of special (for a total of 1.907 km) while for the members of the cars the total route will be 2.051 km (689 liason and 1.362 SS).

October 3rd/4th – Technical and administrative checks
October 4th  – Prologue
October 5th – 1 stage Fès-Erfoud
October 6th – 2 stage Erfoud-Erfoud
October 7th  – 3 stage Erfoud-Erfoud
October 8th – 4 stage Erfoud-Erfoud
October 9th – 5 stage Erfoud-Fès

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José Luis Peña and Rafael Tornabell are the leaders of the Cross Country World Championship, in the UTV category. The Spanish pilots got today the triumph in the Hungarian Baja and recover the first position of the World Championship.

Peña still leading the World Cup with a 5-point lead.

The race management, after verification, the number 36 ssv yamaha was penalized because suipte to its rupture of motore it was pulled until the arrival by a vehicle which was not in race fia.

The ranking is Peña 2 Graham 3 Gonzalez 4.

Next appointment on July 20th in Spain.

25th Italian Baja 3 Continents, 23 Nations

Everything is ready for the sixth round of the FIA World Cup –
WORLD CUP CHALLENGE. This year the race is represented by 23 Nations, 52 challengers coming from Europe, Asia and South America.

Our crew

N 32 – Jose Luis Peña Campo / Rafael Tornabel

N 34 – Vincent Gonzalez / Sebastien Delaunay

N 35 – Knight Graham / Watson David.