Peña still leading the World Cup with a 5-point lead.

The race management, after verification, the number 36 ssv yamaha was penalized because suipte to its rupture of motore it was pulled until the arrival by a vehicle which was not in race fia.

The ranking is Peña 2 Graham 3 Gonzalez 4.

Next appointment on July 20th in Spain.

25th Italian Baja 3 Continents, 23 Nations

Everything is ready for the sixth round of the FIA World Cup –
WORLD CUP CHALLENGE. This year the race is represented by 23 Nations, 52 challengers coming from Europe, Asia and South America.

Our crew

N 32 – Jose Luis Peña Campo / Rafael Tornabel

N 34 – Vincent Gonzalez / Sebastien Delaunay

N 35 – Knight Graham / Watson David.

The crew of Patrice Garrouste and Loic Minaudier won the last stage of the race.




Our crew:
Ravil MAnganov / Kirill Shubin
Jose Luis Peña Campos / Rafael Tornabell
Patrice Garrouste / Loic Minudier

The fifth round of the 2018 FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies, which will be in is based in the western city of Aktau, situated on the shores of the Caspian Sea, from May 27-June 2, 2018.

The route will be divided into six selective sections and around 1,900km of competition in a route of circa 2,500km. Stage one (280.35km) heads south from Aktau City to the Kenderly Caspian Sea Resort in Kenderly, a tourist destination located around 210km south-east of Aktau.

Second stage day (414.12km) loops through the deserts to the east around the town of Senek, before the third leg (327.47km) heads deeper into the area east of Kenderly. Stage four (398.57km) skirts around the nearby oil city of Zhanaozen and returns to Aktau City.

The final two stages (298.04km and 148.52km) head out of Aktau City to the north, with the final stage passing along the shoreline of the Caspian Sea

Plus d’informations dans:


The relation between Xtremeplus and CST, that started with good success on Silkway 2017 and Dakar 2018, has been reconfirmed by both company.

It will know the strongest relationship between CST Tires and Xtremeplus Racing Team, for 3 years long.

The collaboration will see a total Polaris SXS racing on main event under the colors CST, Silkway 2018 and Dakar 2019 will be the start.

Xtremeplus is very proud to have CST Tires as supplier,
further more because we use the Wolf RC we get very good result.

The tires are strong and fast.
We really look forward to the ambassadors of CST Tires in the rally raid World.

Marco Piana
Team Manager
Xtremeplus Polaris Factory

Qatar Cross Country Rally:
And our shock team is…


#210 – Jose Luis Peña / Rafael Tornabell
#215 – Claude Papi Fournier / Sebastien Dalaunay
#223 – Michele Cinotto / Fulvio Zini

Tomorrow morning, technical and administrative checks.

Hard but good!
Very good result for xtremeplus Polaris factory team.

The first 3 positions on fia T3 are trust by xtremeplus driver
1 – Peña Jose Luis / Rafael Tornabell
2 – Gonzalez Vincent / Duple Stephane
3 – Garrouste Patrice / Minaudier Loic

But what is fabulous is that in the général all car we can find in the first 10 three xtremeplus Polaris.

7 – Peña
9- Gonzalez
10 Garrouste

A race to forget for thé world champion t3 Claude Fournier that had to major technical problems on stage 3 and 4

But he was gable to finish the race in 6 position
He will grant good point to stay actually leader on t3 World Cup
339 rookies they had good experience they enjoyed even if it was hard.

Verifications ok!
XT+ will attend the race with 6 Polaris xt+30 FIA T3.

Will race with us:

GARROUSTE Patrice: 2nd this year in Dakar Rally 2018 with Loic Minaudier well known bike rider.

FOURNIER Papi Claude and Szymon Gospodarczyk: Are the team to bit +. T3 2017 World Champion and 3rd in 2018 Dakar.

PEÑA Jose Luis and Rafael TORNABELL: First participation in ADDC but already good experience whit a Oilibya Marroco Rally and a very good Dakar 2018.

Vincent GONZALEZwith his new codriver Stephane Duple, Vincent start to have a good experience in Rally Raid after a very good 4th position on Afriica econ Race 2018

Ravil MANGANOV is coming back with his experimented codrive Kirill Shubin, after a 3dr position in Dakar 2017.
The Rokkie Team is:

Dominique LUCAS and Jean Daniel CLARET
It will be their first experience in rally raid
They are here to learn and have fun.

N° 360 – Graham Knigth driver / David Watson Codriver
10 overall and 1st T3

And with a lot of fun!!!
That what they said.

At only 1 minute from 1st T3 and 40 seconds from the 2nd.
We find at 3rd position T3 2017 World Champion
Claude Fournier Pilote / Szymon Gospodarczyk

Khalid finished 4th general all.
Today he did very good stage, but with the mistake of yesterday he cold not do more then 4 th T3.


Xtreme Plus!