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Congratulations to our pilots!
That in spite of the difficulties that presented the rally, all came to the goal, achieving Ronald Basso and Julien Menard reach the third position in the general.
Lilian Viale and Patrice Roissac managed to stay inside the top ten of the general classification with the number 8 and in a 3° position in the general category of the Dakar Challenge

Julien Juliettevandory / Pascacal Amand and Vicent Gonzalez / Benjaming González, achieved its main objective, which was to reach the goal! For the two crews was his first experience of the rally raid and the Merzouga Rally, was not easy for them to start-ups, but put it all on your part and managed to cross the finish line.

The Gonzalez were honored with the award for Fair Play, for his camaraderie with the other teams within the slopes!

Congratulations to all! Bravo! And until the next adventure!