March 8 to march 10
Total stage km 550
100 % dunes

Graham Knigth driver / David Watson Codriver

After few years riding motorbike they are talking à new challange: going to Dakar 2019 with SXS.

In order to achive their goal they will start racing the Dubai Baja , then Hellas Rallye , Merzouga Rallye and eventualy Morocco in october.

The main reason of choosing Baja Dubai is because after a week of training in Merzouga dunes with all the Xtremeplus Staff, Garry and David felt in love with crossing dune

Claude Fournier / Szymon Gospodarczyk

The 2017 world champ T3 Claude ( better know as Papi ), will pass from the freezing temperature of Baja Russia Northern Forest ( where he get a very good 2nd place in T3 ), to the hotest temperaure of Dubai.

He will be codrive by Szymon , both are getting used after Dakar and Northern forest Baja

The goal is to get good result and defend his 2017 title.

Khalid El Mohannadi / Sebastién Delaunay

Khalid is a fast driver that use to race in Qatar and also international races, for his first race with xtremeplus he put all the chance on his side and took well known codriver Sebastien Delaunay.

All Xtremeplus Polaris will Run with the CST Tires Lobo Rc , and with Motul lubricants