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Qatar Cross Country Rally

Qatar Cross Country Rally: And our shock team is…   #210 – Jose Luis Peña / Rafael Tornabell #215 – Claude Papi Fournier / Sebastien Dalaunay #223 – Michele Cinotto / Fulvio Zini Tomorrow morning, technical and administrative checks.

Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge Just finish!

Hard but good! Very good result for xtremeplus Polaris factory team. The first 3 positions on fia T3 are trust by xtremeplus driver 1 – Peña Jose Luis / Rafael Tornabell 2 – Gonzalez Vincent / Duple Stephane 3 – Garrouste Patrice / Minaudier Loic But what is fabulous is that in the général all […]

Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2018

Verifications ok! XT+ will attend the race with 6 Polaris xt+30 FIA T3. Will race with us: GARROUSTE Patrice: 2nd this year in Dakar Rally 2018 with Loic Minaudier well known bike rider. FOURNIER Papi Claude and Szymon Gospodarczyk: Are the team to bit +. T3 2017 World Champion and 3rd in 2018 Dakar. PEÑA […]

Dubai Baja World cup Cross Country Fia 2018

March 8 to march 10 Total stage km 550 100 % dunes Graham Knigth driver / David Watson Codriver After few years riding motorbike they are talking à new challange: going to Dakar 2019 with SXS. In order to achive their goal they will start racing the Dubai Baja , then Hellas Rallye , Merzouga […]

“Russia – Northern Forest 2018”

“Russia – Northern Forest 2018”, the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies round, is held in the Republic of Karelia on 16-18 February 2018. Final results: Victory in the T3 category for the Russian duo Dmitry PONOMARENKO and Kirill Shubin and 9th in the General. The 2017 world T3 champion Claude Fournier ( bette know […]