Dakar 2015

Saturday, January 17

Stage 13: Arrival to Buenos Aires

Road connection: 77 km – Selective Section: 174 km – Road connection: 142 km – Total: 393 km





This year, the Dakar, a loop “Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires” was marked by the natural elements unchained through each stage that made it harder by the day. Willy Alcaraz, without a windshield, unprotected just like bike riders, faced the heat, the cold, the rain, the hail, the salt, temperatures below zero, the altitude… And to crown this all, a storm and mud sea in the last special stage!


At the Dakar’s bivouac, Willy is admired by the greatest. Alone, steering his Polaris RZR 1000XT+30, he obtains his fourth win in T3 and the third victory in Solo, all based in his experience, talent, mental, and his tenacity.


At the arrival of the selective section, cancelled after CP1, Willy arrives covered by mud, with tears of joy for his accomplishment, after drying a bit during the road connection.


“I am exhausted! This Dakar was hard until the very end, but I am happy to get the fourth victory inT3 and the third in Solo. The 2015 edition was very difficult and not so nice, selective sections were too rough, not great steering so not very interesting or fun to drive.

I had my problems, like everyone else, but I am sure I had less because I was able to make it every day and I am here, I crossed the finish line 46th out of the 67 remaining cars (there were 140 at the start). At the end, in spite of the bad weather, I was able to manage my distance and make it to the end. I suffered the cold in Bolivia, I was shivering all over, even my teeth. That is my worst memory, my best is to be here in Buenos Aires, with the entire Xtremeplus team, and they are awesome.

The Polaris RZR 1000XT+30 is a well-made machine that has been magnified by the preparation of one of the most professional workshops in Pont de Vaux. I want to thank Nico, Manu, Thierry, Francis, Sylvain, Alexis, you guys do an extraordinary work every night to make the RZR as new, and in a very friendly environment and good humor which makes me feel better when I get to the bivouac every evening. Also, want to thank Marco Piana, Norberto Cangani and Steven Griener in the T4 truck (race truck), because we know that in case of a problem, they are not very far.”