DAKAR 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017
Stage 10: Chilecito – San Juan
Liaison: 302 km – Special Stage: 449 km – Total: 751 km

After two complicated days, the race started again in Chilecito, all competitors and almost all assistance service were gathered again. The special stage of 449 km was not the easiest, and had bike trial-like zones between big rocks that made navigation even more demanding and heatwave temperatures accompanied competitors. In fact, after the cold weather and the rain in Bolivia, the five Xtremeplus Polaris Factory team crews are again facing temperatures above 40 Celsius degrees.

The Chinese crew of Wan Fujian/Li Wei # 386 arrived to San Juan as SSV stage winners, while the Russian Ravil Maganov arrived second. “We didn’t have any problems but navigation was difficult and I am very tired,” said the Russian at the bivouac this morning.

Leandro Torres is in great shape after spending the night in the motorhome with his family. “We broke the triangle at km 60, tells the Brazilian driver, but Marco (Piana) who is our fast service with his car, broke its turbo before joining us… so we waited for 2h30… then, after we changed it, we started again, but in the river, I had to take it three times to find the exit! We arrived to the bivouac at 1:30 am this morning, but I do not know whether I lost the lead of the overall standings or not.”

Li Dongsheng and Quanqian Guan #374 broke the front suspension and have not joined the bivouac this morning.

Mao Rujin and Sebastian Delaunay #342 faced some misfortunes and broke the gear, but the “San Bernards” (Marco Piana and Steven Grenier in the fast service assistance car) were behind and they were able to get to the bivouac after 8 am this morning.

The special stage San Juan – Rio Cuarto is composed of dune crossing at the beginning and then the WRC fast tracks of Cordoba.

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Mao Rujin/Sébastien Delaunay #342:
Leandro Torres/Lourival Roldan #351:
Li Dongsheng/Quanqian Guan #374:
Maganov Ravil/Kirill Shubin #378:
Wang Fujiang/Li Wei #386: