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Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2019


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RZR 1000XT+30

Rental of a RZR 1000XT + 30                                                                                           Yes
External communications (press release distribution)   Yes
Hotel & flight reservations   Yes
2 dedicated mechanics on the bivouac   Yes
1 logistics & administration manager (before & during the race)   Yes
1 assistance off-race truck that will go from bivouac to bivouac transporting your unlimited material.   Yes
Availability of spare parts for repairs, to be charged if used, engine included   Yes
Instruction on how to use the GPS and the Rally Presentation   Yes
Vehicle transportation from our shops to the embark port (custom procedure included)   No
Transport vehicle in case of abandonment.   Yes
Transport of driver off the race during the competition   Yes
Pick-up vehicle registered in T5 class   Yes
Fuel for the duration of the rally   Yes

OPTIONAL (not included in the price / Indicative values)

Registration of the driver, his machine with the rental of obligatory safety equipment (See web Abu Dhabi – Desert Challenge).    
Insurance with deductible of 5.000 €    
Race suit, except if provided by sponsor team    
Transport + customs    
Round trip flight from your home to the race start    
Hotel accommodations    
Meals not included by the race organizer    
Satellite phone rental, local phone    
Price for spare parts+tires    
Discount depending on the machine state after the race (Included only if renting the RZR)    

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This price may vary depending in the date of the race registration and it is calculated based on 4 participants.