Road connection: 22.65 km – Selective Section: 10.82 km – Road connection: 18.75 km


The sun is already high in the Brazilian sky when the first competitors take the laterite road of the prologue that lasted for about 10 km, relatively fast.

 Carlos Ambrosio / Carlos Eduardo Piacentini Sachs (Cadu) N°204 – 12th: “For me, the prologue is better than last year. It was a true mini special stage with jumps, creeks to cross… The RZR900XT+40 is perfect and its suspensions are extraordinary. This time, I feel ready to face the Rally Dos Sertoes in the best conditions.”

 Celio Vinicious Oliveira / Pipo Mirone N°216 – 13th: “The Prologue was very short and it lasted only seven minutes, it was a bit frustrating and I will be glad to attack the true special stages. My shoulder did not hurt, which is my problem at the moment. The navigator and the driver are in great shape and so is the car. I can’t wait to be in the first selective section!”

 Leandro Torres / Idali Bosse N°208 – 15th: “I feel perfectly comfortable when I drive the RZR900XT+40, but the prologue was more difficult and faster than the tests we did before. My strategy is to make it to each bivouac and I have the right car to attain my goal.”


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