The Xtreme Plus team spends the rest day in Urumqi.
After the first 8 stages contested, it has completed the first week of the 2017 Silk Way.

It’s a shame that Pietro started the race on the 4th day because he did not have the visa in Russia, he could not start before. But it is noteworthy that since the start of the race wins all special stages in the T3 category.

Mao and Fujiang, arrived exhausted the day of rest in their country. Mao after overturning the razor two stages ago, yesterday invests a tree, breaking the direction.

Today our mechanics have worked hard and repaired the car to Mao continue with the second week of the race.

We think that from tomorrow our luck will change since they start the stages in the sand, which allows the pilots to take full advantage of the performance of the cars.


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