In order to offer its customers’ the possibility of continuity and establish a logical rally raid growing learning experience, XTREMEPLUS in association with Group HOLLEX creates SAS 2WD (2 wheel drive). Aiming to offer its customers a high-class vehicle, this new structure gets closer to SMG, acquiring their project of development and construction of the famous SMG Buggy “new generation” (37-inch tires, Bos Engineering suspension, LS3 engine, Sadev gearbox). With this new structure, 2WD has wants to offer its customer the possibility to race in the equivalents of Formula 1 cars specially prepared for the desert. 

After five years, Xtremeplus has prepared a team and vehicles to accompany rally-ride starters not only by building and developing the Polaris RZR, which quality standard has not only been demonstrated, but also has offered an optimal logistic and assistance service at a reasonable price. After a year of competition at the team’s heart, we were able to see that our RZR 1000XT+30 drivers are looking to progress in the discipline on a more performing vehicle. Unfortunately, the current market of rally raid has a very reduce offer that meet the quality standards delivered by Xtremeplus. For this reason, it has been mandatory for us to find a solution to continue supporting our customers.

Naturally, 2WD has come to the SMG buggy, not because of its stage wins in Dakar 2013 and 2014 – with the greatest Carlos Sainz – but because this vehicle has shown to be 100 percent reliable for the past years and it also allows a fast adaptation to it. Being our customers true rally raid gentlemen, this buggy will perfectly correspond to their expectations.

A test session was already completed in Morocco with great results and with the constructive collaboration of SMG.

Today, 2WD prepares its participation in the Silk Way Rally, which will take place next July in Russia and China. We have chosen this race to polish our logistics service during a long a difficult race for its premier. The 2WD will be driven by a gentlemen driver along with an experienced navigator.

2WD will offer assistance with a 6×6 truck, four mechanics and one T4 truck (race track assistance) that will follow the same road of the cars with mechanics and spare parts. The fast assistance service vehicles will stay close to the buggy through road connections.

While this team is racing, there will be another 2WD crew at the workshop building the second buggy, which will be build 100 percent in our facilities located in Boz, steps away from ancient Mitsubishi Motors.

2WD will then be ready with two buggies ready to race the next Rally of Morocco in October, and the Dakar 2017 in January.

Soon you will be able to follow Xtremeplus’ new adventure and obtain all necessary information for your future projects through the website and Facebook page that are now under construction.

Meanwhile, for any further information, you can contact Marco Piana at