Verifications ok!
XT+ will attend the race with 6 Polaris xt+30 FIA T3.

Will race with us:

GARROUSTE Patrice: 2nd this year in Dakar Rally 2018 with Loic Minaudier well known bike rider.

FOURNIER Papi Claude and Szymon Gospodarczyk: Are the team to bit +. T3 2017 World Champion and 3rd in 2018 Dakar.

PEÑA Jose Luis and Rafael TORNABELL: First participation in ADDC but already good experience whit a Oilibya Marroco Rally and a very good Dakar 2018.

Vincent GONZALEZwith his new codriver Stephane Duple, Vincent start to have a good experience in Rally Raid after a very good 4th position on Afriica econ Race 2018

Ravil MANGANOV is coming back with his experimented codrive Kirill Shubin, after a 3dr position in Dakar 2017.
The Rokkie Team is:

Dominique LUCAS and Jean Daniel CLARET
It will be their first experience in rally raid
They are here to learn and have fun.