Friday, April 4, 2014

Technical Checks: Yas Marina Club, Abu Dhabi


This morning at 8 am, the team was ready for the share down in the dunes, 60 km from Abu Dhabi so that they could verify and complete the last arrangements in the RZR. Alessandro Fogliani took the advices from Marco Piana during the past two days spent in Dubai while for Jes Munk, he received a baptism by fire.


Jes Munk / Sebastian Delaunay N°347: “I got stuck on top of a dune twice at the same place. By the third time I understood… Well, I think! – says the Danish while laughing. It is quite different crossing dunes on the bike. You have to forget some reactions of riding on two wheels and give me some time to feel more confident, which will come with the driving.

During the second lap, we had lowered the tire pressure and we lost one… This taught me a lesson! But I did have fun and I´m happy to jump into this new challenge.”


Alle Fogliani N°348: “I feel very comfortable driving the RZR, which is a machine quite easy to steer, says the young driver. Tomorrow I will go fast!”



Pietro Fogliani N° 348: “The driver is reliable and has a fair instinct and the RZR is the ideal machine to have fun in the sand. The goal now to have the Mini eating some sand, says the father with a smile.”


After this first laps, the two Xtremeplus Polaris Factory Team crews completed the technical checks.

Tomorrow they will go for the Super Special that will give the starting order of the first stage on Sunday.